Checking liquidity on uniswap pairs?

Hello guys, not related to the course, but hope you can help:

I used Uniswap for the first time.

I successfully swapped ETH for REN, but did not understand how to first check there was enough REN available in the liquidity pool.

For future reference, how do I check how much of an asset is available?

Ps I’m not enrolled in this module.

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I am not sure how to check it with Uniswap directly but you can easily check here:

The website uses multiple DEXes but you can choose only Uniswap if you really wish. If you try to exchange 100ETH for REN you will see that you will encounter a huge slippage meaning there is not enough liquidity for that trading pair. Moreover you can always set maximum amount of slippage you would want to except. If it goes beyond I think your transaction will fail and all you would lose is some ETH fees.

Maybe someone else know a better way to check the actual numbers but 1inchexchnage is a pretty neat website. You have to give it a try. Hope that helps. :smiley:

Cool Mauro, that’s a really awesome resource! Thank you!

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No problem. The site is super useful when you want to convert some tokens. I just love it.

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Anybody can explain if there is any advantage of being the 1st one to open a liquidity pool?
Besides selection the 1st market ‘price’, it is expensive, and one will end of paying a big gas eth price to run all that uniswap smartcontract stuff to build the new market pair liquidity-pool :expressionless: