Chelle Coin (CHL) Real Estate Token Pre-Sales, Pre-ICO & ICO


Recently I’ve been thinking about buying a small property, and now I’m looking at cryptocurrency coins and tokens in the real estate sector.


As it turns out, there are a number of real estate crypto projects already launched, some in development, and some about to go to market. These include SwissRealCoin, ATLANT, and The Crypto Realty Group. As each of these sites reads, the are all very different each projects with different purposes, serving different markets and customer types.

For instance, SwissRealCoin is linked to a portfolio of Swiss Commercial Real Estate as a security token. The firm believes this gives its coin an ever-growing inner value. Their intention is to improve and automate real estate asset management with “MIA” (Management & Investment Assistant), their blockchain technology software.

ATLANT developed a tokenized ownership model for liquid and transparent real estate trades and investments.

And The Crypto Realty Group operates as a California based, cryptocurrency real estate agency.

And then there’s Chelle Coin (CHL).

Chelle Coin Overview

The Сhelle Platform is developed to provide CHL token holders trading tokens and using them in unique ways on the blockchain-powered real estate ecosystem with ERC20 and ERC721 standard tokens.

Which Firm Is Behind Chelle Coin?
As a real estate investment firm that uses an investigative approach to investment opportunities throughout the metropolitan areas of North America, Chelle Service Capital leverages industry expertise with market and analytical research in property acquisitions.

The company’s “Evolution of Finance” philosophy is stated plainly by the introduction of their “Chelle Coin”, using the latest in Blockchain technology. As with any well-made crypto token, There are multiple stages planned for the platform development of Chelle Coin.

What about the ICO?
Chelle Coin (CHL) Token Pre-Sale is happening now through August 9.
After that date, on August 10, CHL will launch its Pre-ICO stage, which will last until September 30.
On Oct. 8, CHL will launch its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) stage and that will last until December 3.

More about Chelle Coin:

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More About CHL’s Technology
CHL is built with ERC20 and ERC721 tokens to transfer funds, land ownership, and transactions within the ChelleCoin blockchain powered real estate ecosystem that is all easily accessible within the DAPP.

Key Benefits of Crypto Real Estate Transactions
Buying real estate with cryptocurrency can be rather useful and economical for lowering prices, taxes, fees, and creating smart contracts that execute the order of tasks, in order, guaranteed and recorded by and on the public ledger of the cryptocurrency. These elements add tremendous value to this new type of transaction. This affects what is generally the largest investment people make: buying a home.

Of course, I’m no financial advisor nor am I a finance expert or real estate agent. I’m simply sharing my opinion, based on my non-scientific research. In no way am I recommending that you buy, trade, sell or otherwise invest your money in any way, or on any specific asset. With that out of the way, here’s my estimate about cryptocurrency as it affects real estate.

As more cryptocurrencies launch, it’s probable we’ll see more of them in the crypto real estate space. If you have an interest in this sector, this is a great time to get educated about it, and if you’re further along than most, that you know the risks and opportunities, and you have the resources available (even in small amounts) to buy and HODL for another 18 - 72 months, then this appears to be an excellent time to invest in certain cryptocurrencies, including real estate tokens. Personally, I am liking CHL very much right now, and it’s one I’m looking forward to seeing grow, especially as the real estate market starts to shift more and more towards crypto.