China may be using bitcoin as ‘financial weapon’ against U.S., says Peter Thiel - MarketWatch

Lol it has begun, the funny thing is that if they would of. Given some attention to blockchain technology the Us govt would be so far behind. The greed got the best of them. Whats new lol🤡

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I know we got our issues in the US…however, we do have ease of use in the state I am in (Colorado)…I think that I have more freedoms where I am compared to someone buying, selling, programming in China (God help them)…regulation is scary, yet there are a bunch of Americans like me that believe in low taxes and low regulation…go DeFi!!!

I would not use the term weapon, because this refers to war. I more think of BTC as a - neccesary - counterpart to the USD. Where there is shadow (FIAT) there will also be light (BTC, ETH, …)
For me, crypto currencies are simply the logical phenomena that was also, if not solely, provoked by Fiat.