Choosing my track

I dont really have an interest in programming and my eyes are on the blockchain for business course.

1- how likely is it to get a job in the field not knowing java etc ?
2- should i still take dozens of hours to learn java, c++ and/or solidity ?
3- what about not taking java nor ethereum programming, but taking blockchain business masterclass and bitcoin programming ?

I currently work on the business-side of a large crypto-mining company.

I didn’t and still don’t need to know any programming. Knowledge and interest in the space is what got me through the front door and was a plus for the company since they recognized that it was a real passion.

Start with the business courses, learn as much as you can, but don’t forget how important networking is. The more you meet people in the space and get your name out there, the more opportunities will come your way. You have to be proactive in this space.

What’s your business background in? What part of business would you want to do?

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Where are you located ?
How have you adapted your CV to apply for that job ? What position is it ?

Also, only the business course seems very expensive (not gonna get into the value debate), but im considering that you have to buy the whole upgrade for just 2 courses (blockchain and bicoin 101 - that you get in the basic subscription anyway - and then blockchain for business - which is only 10 hours)

about my background, ive always worked for myself in the gambling industry. I have no specific part of business id like to do, but most things related to managing, efficiency, marginal gains, optimizing.

I’m located in Canada. Hydroelectricity rates are relatively low here and naturally colder temperatures are better for the mining hardware.

I’m a CPA by profession and worked for a Big 4 accounting firm previously. At the time, there was very limited knowledge in the blockchain space within the firm, so I had a unique opportunity to work directly with the more “forward-thinking” Partners who would try to approach blockchain-related clients. I was able to understand how blockchain/crypto worked for a specific business and explain it in layman terms to the Partner(s).

Attending and speaking at conferences and events built up my network and I eventually met the Controller of the company I currently work for. I didn’t know it then, but about 6 months later, they were looking to fill a Manager of FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis) role and he thought of me. My title ended up being Assistant Controller as I also work on our monthly/annual reporting as well (my core responsibilities are FP&A/Strategy-related though).

So my CV was basically adapted to focus on blockchain-related “accolades” (leading the firm’s first blockchain client engagement, receiving the innovation award within the firm for my blockchain research/ideas, being a guest lecturer at a university for an introduction to blockchain in business, etc.)

Because I had met the Controller already, and he approached me, I think I had a leg up. That being said, I think catering your CV/Cover letter to talk about your passion/knowledge/experience in the blockchain space is important, but doesn’t have to be the entirety of your application. Your fit in the prospective company and what you bring to the table is by far the most important.


Thats quite interesting. I know a guy here that is starting/started a mining facility in canada

Have you actually studied in the academy ? if so, what courses and lessons ?

Otherwise you work for the academy ?

I have no previous experience working in the field and, as ive said, always worked for my self. It seems quite challenge to join the space with a job (would be in any other industry anyway). And the blockchain for business seems fairly basic to make me get a job. Whats your opinion on that ?

I completed Blockchain Business Masterclass, Ethereum 101, half of Deep Fundamentals, half of Unity Blockchain Games, more than half of Bitcoin attacks.

I did learn, but I feel like I had a fairly robust understanding prior to starting the courses. So I don’t necessarily think I learned SO much that it was a game changer for me, especially since the company I work for doesn’t use Hyperledger, which is a big part of the Masterclass course.

That being said, I just kept procrastinating what my original intention was when I signed up for these courses… and that was learning to code. I should have made more of an attempt to get my money’s worth, but that’s my own fault.

I may sign up again and just focus on programming; I think that’s where the most value is.

Do you feel that having the certificate and having those skills on your cv were a game changer tho ?!

i agree that the academy focus way more on programming and thats where the value is. I dont think programming is what i want for the next years of my life tho. Despite that, i wanna be involved in bitcoin and have a job contract

Hello, I was hoping to get some help as well!
I have just opened a new account and so far have been through ’bitcoin and blockchain 101’ ‘Ethereum 101’ and ‘Programming with Bitcoin 101’. I’ve been really enjoying this process and everything I am learning.

I joined the academy because I would like to help build the systems that will assist people through this transition and honestly, I want to fix the liquidity issue in my hometown. I love what Cardano has been doing and I am very drawn to it. I would like to build smart contracts on Cardano, however I understand that there is not a course on Haskell here. How do you think I may best utilize this academy?

Thank you for your help!

All the best,

Michael L

Im brand new and I have no clue about anything. I know the future is coding so I am taking a shot. i started the c++ course and right off the bat im stuck. where do i go to find help? I know nothing.

if you brand new, my understanding is JavaScript is the better solution for people never coded before. Each course should have a link to Toshi Times, where you can post your questions. and yes you are right coding and blockchain is the future.


I’m in the same storm, different boat. It’s exciting, because I know nothing either. Therefore, I consider myself a blank canvas. I took a look at my first reading assignment. Gobbledegook. So spent the time in the glossary section - just figuring out the terms used. Let’s say I know a little bit more today, than I did yesterday. One step at a time willfl. I’m in no hurry. I won’t move to the next section, until its sorted in my head. Chin up fellow student - we can do this!!!

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