Codeblocks for Mac?

How do I download code blocks for Mac? It will not let me download it? Thanks

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This is what I was able to find out:

“Code::Blocks 20.03 for Mac is currently not available due to issues caused by Apple hardening their install packages and lack of Mac developers. We could use an extra Mac developer to work on these issues”


Thank You! Ended up getting Xcode. Seems to work pretty good.


Glad to heat you found an alternative. Keep up the great work now. :wink:

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How can I get the left side column like the one which Ivan had got?

Have you tried selecting it in View -> Manager?

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I’m also a Mac user and facing the same issue! Can I ask you if Xcode was any different and did you have to make modifications/adjustment from the lectures?

For the moment I am using an online compiler.

Try it and no installation necessary for start right away.


I have code blocks for Mac but there is no “compiler” found with the “auto-detect” feature. I’m so new, haven’t written any code yet but I’m having trouble getting started right. My system just was “workspace” and nothing under it. Anyone know how to find or get a compiler for mac?

I think installing xcode should also install the required compilers.