CodeBlocks Problems

Looking for a place to post your problems about CodeBlocks but can’t find one? This is the place you have been looking for! I couldn’t find solutions to my problems on CodeBlocks either, so I created this thread for people like me!

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Hey Quiggle, thanks for creating this area.

I use a Mac and I think CodeBlocks is very buggy and cumbersome.

For one, zooming in on the editor or making the fonts larger is a hassle if not impossible. Every time I try to increase the font size under Settings > Editor > Font, the program crashes.

The other method I’ve found is to go to Edit > Special Commands > Zoom. But there is no shortcut for this, and you have to do this repeatedly, and the font increases ever so slightly every time. And this has to be repeated every time you open the program.

Have you had these problems too? I’ve looked into alternative programs but can’t seem to find a good one.

The reason why I didn’t even try CodeBlocks was because there is no further development of OS X and the latest version is lagging behind. I have never setup an IDE for C++ projects, but Apple’s native Xcode worked perfect for me. I just Googled for Xcode and C++ project and found a “Hello World” YouTube video to get started.


Thanks for the tip, @Cryptonimus. I’ll check out the YouTube video you mention.

Watching one of the Stanford videos from the course (, I noticed they use a program called QT Creator. I downloaded it from here: They have a free version and it works 100 times better than CodeBlocks.

Well, there is a challenge to use a Mac and write C++, Code Block is an easy solution for students to learn C++, but it’s got major problems on Mac’s. Xcode is the standard but very slow and requires 6GB of HD, which is not an option for those with small local drives.

I am attempting to use NetBeans as an alternative, it is the standard for Java and it can handle the C++ complier. If you want to use NetBeans the most convenient option is to download the NetBeans with C++ in the same package. You can find the link to C++ version here, click on the download button with the 147MB version.

You will also have to install the xcrun app, in your terminal execute
xcode-select --install
here is a more detailed reason

To run a project, and see if you got NetBeans up and running.

  1. New Project
  2. Samples
  3. Welcome
  4. Next
  5. Run Project

The result will be displayed in NetBeans’s Terminal.

Thanks and for anyone working with a pre 2012 Mac, here is a link to older versions of Xcode because you won’t be able to install the latest ons. You should install version 10.1

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thanks mate I had exactly the same problem with CodeBlocks and was wondering if I should use Xcode instead.

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Hi, MartinH.
Yes, you should use Xcode for Macbook’s instead.
Good luck with the C++ course.