Coin Market Alert (CMA) ICO/Token Pre-Sales & Giveaway


I’m looking at tokens that help me get the most out of my crypto trading tactics.

One way I’m doing this is by using all the usual free sites like and for general market monitoring, and of course getting news and discussions from and and others.

But, while those are all fantastic in what they do, I’m an active trader, so i need more updated info that i can act on before it’s too late. trading on yesterday’s news is not helpful if you want to get the timing precisely.

That’s why i’m also using services like Coin Market Alert at which monitors all the coins i invest in or am considering investing in. The CMA market intelligence tool does active surveillance on every coin or token, 24x7, and sends me alerts whenever anything happens that may affect my portfolio.

This means i can rest easy, knowing my wallet is safe from unexpected market activity. and that when opportunity knocks, i’m able to do what i need to get the most out of it.

Also, because i like to create alerts, i can make my own customized alerts.

And, because my colleagues like my alerts I am able to sell them access to my CMA alerts by subscription. So they’re helping me earn more tokens just by monitoring their own portfolio with my alerts.

And for my friends who like earning tokens … there is a bounty program for CMA that is really awesome. the details are on the same page that explains everything about the Token Pre-Sale which is happening from now through July 31. The Token Pre-Sales info page is at

On August 1, CMA is going on the Token Exchange Store. The announcement of that launch date was published on

And for folks who like free token giveaways (and who does not like free tokens?) there is a giveaway game that all Registered users can play, at which is a free slots game (not a real money gambling game). It is free to register and play. you can win tokens.