Coinbase issues Feb 21

Hi guys,

I’m posting here as a last resort as I’m running out of ideas.
I transferred rather a large sum of fiat to my Coinbase wallet exactly a week ago.
The transaction didn’t appear, I can see there was a known Coinbase issue at that time which got resolved, but still no funds.

To cut a long story short I opened a case with Coinbase last Saturday and I’ve had absolutely nothing back, despite requesting an update daily, just a blank wall.

Does anyone have any experience dealing with Coinbase support and can advise if there is any way to reach out to a human at the company to get some assistance? There is no phone contact at the moment, just an email address and twitter, which I have tried repeatedly.

I’m gutted considering the gains being made in Altcoin rally this week, and the money I was going to invest is stuck/missing.

Any advice/ help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @kryptomagpie I never used Coinbase but I found something on their site and hoping maybe it will help you! :pray:

Thanks Dima, saw that, but my accounts not been compromised, its just a stuck transaction I think.
I’m really disappointed with the lack of support and feedback I’m getting, think I’m gonna try Swissborg going forward, as recommended by IoT and TMG(That Martini Guy)

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