Coinbase selling data...where should you buy from?


Are there any recommendations for places to buy as I saw Ivans vid on Coinbase. What is a good alternative?

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I live in Canada so I use Coinsquare or Coinfield. I also really like Kraken.




thanks! Kraken looks good. I am UK based so just trying to see who is reliable and not selling data or doing scammy shit.

What was it you liked about Kraken? Have you had any experience with

I like Kraken mostly because they have been around and their background is solid. Their GUI is not the greatest but once you get used to it its ok.

I have never used bisq. I have used IDEX however. That was a simple process too.

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Cool thankyou :vulcan_salute: :face_with_monocle:

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Am in the UK. I have stopped using Coinbase, I have started using the price seems to be a couple of pounds higher than Coinbase but with the 0% Fee At you get more for your money. I spend 5k yesterday and at Coinbase it was 25x ethereum with a £195.00 charge. I got 28x ethereum for the same price with no fees.

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Maybe you should check BINANCE

Do you have any experience with other Canadian platforms like Newton and Shakepay? These are apps not exchanges, but they have “no fees” (i.e. they make money on the spread) and may be less total cost overall. I haven’t tried them yet.

I’ve used the NDAX exchange in the past, but they’re not the greatest. I’ve experienced a number of bugs on their platform, including dust being left behind from withdraws because their transactions don’t use enough decimal points (not sure if this has been resolved yet as I haven’t bought from them recently). Their customer service is quick to respond at least and quite helpful.

I personally use OTC (over the counter) method. Check


Sorry, can’t say that I have. That’s why I’m here, to learn more about the space and gather information on alternative methods of working with these projects.

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This is very interesting. Thanks for the info, will check it out.

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Using exchanges is a good option for ETH and ERC-20 tokens. There’s uniswap, 1inchexchange, and kyber. You can connect using Metamask and in the DeFi class shows you how to use these exchanges.

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