Colaborating on a project

Hi guys,

I have been in the academy for a couple of weeks now and have a project that I am currently writing a whitepaper for a project that I am working on.I am looking for. anyone that may be interested in collaborating with me. I am not prepared to share details regarding the project in an open forum but happy to chat to anyone that may be interested. In the interest of full disclosure I currently do not have funding but do have serious interest from an investment group that I have spoken with that are waiting the completion of my white paper. If this is something you may be interested in let me know and we can have a chat where i can give you an overview of my project.
Have a great day.


Hi Luke, I genuinely logged on today with the intention to ask if any beginners were up for grouping together to come up with a project and build it, so this is perfect timing! My programming is very limited, but I would love to help out and try to build something together.


Hi Ciaran awesome to hear that you are wanting to collaborate. What country are you located in?

I’m in the UK, what about you?

I am in Aus. Are you currently working or are you available during the day your time? I am a fulltime trader so very flexible on time to have a chat. If you can let me know day / times that suit and we will work something out for a catch up

I work full time during the week, so only free on weekends and weekday evenings (6pm onwards)

I’m interested in collaboration just would like to know the projects goals.

What timezone are you in? Will see if we can organise a time we an all be in a call

hey mate, sorry i havent been in touch. My grandmother is really sick and lives in another state and I am about to hop on a plane to head there today. I will touch base with you in about a week once I am back home.

No problem, hope she gets better!

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Thanks mate she is very old and doctors are hesitant to treat her. Mainly going down as my son is at an age now where he will remember her