Collaboration & Mastermind Group Meetup Thread

Didn’t see a thread like this yet, so I thought I’d create one.

Meeting new people and regularly staying in touch can help us all stay accountable, work through challenges, discuss and develop ideas, pool knowledge, and create new projects.

So - If you’re interested in either collaborating with a fellow blockchain-head on your new idea, or joining a mastermind group to meet up with other academy students regularly to help keep each other on track with your goals… introduce yourself here!



My name is Josh. I’ve been in the blockchain space a while, but am not much better than a beginner when it comes to development.

I’m looking for 4-5 people that are in a similar boat to me who would be interested in joining a new mastermind group. If you have some blockchain/development experience and are comitted to learning blockchain dev and launching your first dApp/protocol/project… please get involved!

Ideally we’d meet up once or twice a week, for a call where we can discuss how we’re getting on, what topics we’ve studied, what challenges we’ve run into, and how we’re looking to progress.

The idea here would be to keep ourselves on track by making us accountable for the goals we set each meeting. Could be a lot of fun with the right group, too :slight_smile:

Send me a private message or introduce yourself here if you’re interested!


Hey! My name is Maks, I am a student from Slovenia. I’ve known about crypto and blockchain for quite a while now, but have just recently made the effort to actually learn about it. And I have to say I LOVE IT.

I also love this idea of a small mastermind group that would push each other to reach their goals, so I’d love to be a part of this.

I sadly don’t have any experience in either blockchain or development, but I’m definitely committed to learn more about both and to maybe one day have my own blockchain project up and running successfully.


Hi! I guess the bronze medal goes to me :wink:

My name is so unintuitive to read that everybody calls me Jedi. I have known about crytpo since 2017, but also only recently started getting into it more seriously. I have found the academy some 2 months ago and step by step I am digging deeper. And it is great!

I think the mastermind group is a great idea for both motivation and finding likeminded people, boosting each others’ progress and getting feedback n what we do.

As to experience with blockchain I put an effort to keep up to date with crypto almost every day since last november. With development I’m also at the beginning. I’m going through the programming courses now in the academy and from here only forward with big bags of motivation.


Hey Everyone,

Mu name is Branden and I’m from San Diego, CA. However I live in Thailand now due to COVID.

I found crypto (btc) back in 2016 when I purchase my first Bitcoin ‘peer to peer’ at a Starbucks. Since then I’ve gained interest, then lost interest, and then finally when I decided to make the leap into development about 15 months ago I fell back down the rabbit hole. I’m excited to be here now and look forward to the future.

I have a sales and marketing background but am looking to gain the technical skills of development. I know HTML, CSS, and I’m on the Javascript course of the Blockchain academy currently.

I love working collaboratively and would love to help keep each other motivated here.



Hi folks my real name is Alexander but all my friends call me Sascha. :smiley:
I am 24 years old and I am from Germany. My background is sales and e-commerce. My last piece of the puzzle what I am missing is the technical know how. Therefore I want to learn programming. I started to learn about Bitcoin and the Blockchain at the beginning of this year and since then I’m in this rabbit hole and don’t want to get out :smiley: . I am looking forward to the motivation group!


My name is Darick. I am a student from Texas, USA. I am new to Blockchain but I am familiar with programming on the iOS platform. Thanks for the invite and I am anxious to hear more.


Hi i’m new in the academy.
did the beginners, btc101 and ethereum course,
I have no programming experience.
Do anyone havea suggestion for the next course??


I’m thinking my short term goal is to finish one section a week. Currently I’m on the Javascript section 30%ish complete so finishing it this week is more than possible. Then every week after that complete one section. Ideally, I’d like to have 4-5 projects built by Christmas this year.

It seems like everyone is building on ETH using Solidity, do you guys think it would be better to skip the EOS section on this bootcamp and learn Solidity?



That sounds reasonable @BrandenTaylorM !
They are both useful for sure, but I’d prioritize whichever one you wanted to work with first. Do some reading and if your end goal/project idea is better suited to being deployed on Ethereum, focus on that.

@LUKEDUKE I’d get involved with any of the courses that have some projects you can put together that might interest you! Good job so far and good luck!

I’ve had an overwhelming response in PM and on this thread to join the mm group and we’ve run out of spaces! Sorry to everyone who couldn’t get involved this time around.

Feel free to use this thread to build your own groups and to network!



Thanks @Mr.Shill . @LUKEDUKE did you take the assessment test? It will lay out a study plan according to what your goals & interests are. Welcome @dbtex35 a fellow American here!

Welcome @Sascha how is Germany right now?


Hey @Mr.Shill are we still going to have our server on Discord?

I tried the link but it’s not working.

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Hello Branden !!! Nice to meet you.

Until now it is fine for the sitaution :smiley: I live in a rural area so the people just scared little bit because of C. How is it in your place ? :slight_smile:

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Hi @Sascha,

I went down the rabbit hole a little more than a year ago and want to get deeper into the technical weeds. So if you need a contact in northern Germany to discus the local circumstances/possibilities just drop me a line.
Good luck and have fun! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!

My name is Javier and I got involved in Blockchain these past few months. I’m currently in the Javascript class and jumping into C++ after it. My background is in filmmaking, where I’ve worked for the past 20 yrs through many projects in all aspects of production for several well known studios. But due Covid I decided to work on new skills and learning Blockchain and getting work on it seems like the best thing I can do to help decentralize businesses around the world.

I would love to collaborate and jump into a group with anyone who is still looking for people to work with. Thanks.




Is it too late to join!?

If not my name is Mike and I’m from the UK I’ve been in the space for roughly 5 years and have given up my job to focus on Blockchain etc. I’ve completed a few of the basic courses which I’ve throughly enjoyed. Just waiting for the penny to drop with regards to how I can make a new career in this space!!


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Hey guys,

It’s a pleasure to meet you,
I would love to collaborate with developers on a small problem I believe to have possibly resolved. The biggest hinderance to everyone of us is being paid and in a timely fashion.
Most people on salary do not have that problem but Freelance /contractors/subcontractors, struggle to receive payment on time or at all.
I have a smart contract with APP idea. If someone wants to hear it, without stealing it I’d love to work with you :slight_smile:

I own several large businesses and employ over 35 persons. I am a business person and would appreciate a professional to work alongside.

Cryptoknight :slight_smile:


Hi all!

I’m Ciaran and I live in the UK. I’m pretty green with my only programming experience being the courses on here (doing the React one atm), but I’m very keen to get some practice in, build a support network and help out on some projects!

Also, I think CryptoKnight3’s idea is a great one!

Hi Im Frank, I have been in blockchain since 2017. After 3 years of being active in the industry i have finaly decided to start building something. (with thanks to Ivan for calling ppl like me lurkers in the dark haha).

So atm Im looking for people that have used crypto who want to give me some feedback and maybe also join a mastermind group to support each other in the future. If your intrested please send me a message or a reply! Telegram = @mrfrankijo

I’d be interested in a mastermind group :slight_smile:
What are you looking for feedback on?