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I thought I’d create a seperate topic for compliments, tips & tricks and other comments on the course content.

What I like about this course is that it’s quite open in the sense that you invite students to explore for themselves. I think this can help to get different kinds of people in different corners of DeFi.

Just a note: in some of the videos you stop briefly and say something about cutting those bits out. I just want to let you know that those moments are still in there.


Thank you @DeanvTooren for the feedback we will soon also create a questionnaire with feedback soon. All editing issues should be solved.


I kind of struggle with this course, meaning that I have 0 knowledge about economics. Like literally, I know almost nothing about this topic. At the moment I am at “financial risk in DeFi” and have to look up so many terms, like “liquidity”, or “interest rate” and have only a vague understanding of what this is. Does anybody know a good book or youtube channel where I can learn about basic economic concepts, so I’m well prepared for this course? I also hope that things will get clearer once im deeper in the course lol, cause sometimes thats the case


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Maybe it’s better you get a basic understanding about economics and finance in general before you enter the DeFi side of it. Ray Dalio has some interesting videos that are explained in an understandable way, but that’s just one example.


I am enjoying the course so far, but sometimes the window of lecturer is blocking interesting content. I know there are slides left to read after the lecture, but it probably might be made in a bit more convenient way to see everything at the actual moment of watching. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey illyushin, how did you go with the rest of the course? I am also finding the course hard to follow.


Hi, I mostly googled some terms I didn’t understand. I didn’t dug deep into the course and skipped a lot, for me it was enaugh to just know what financial opportunities are there with DeFi and not how exactly it works.


I am genuinely enjoying this course. There was much I knew previously about the space but getting a more professional in-depth view of the environment is humbling. Your content is clear but I needed to re-watch a few times to digest the information. My current thought is that corona has shown to be the black swan that will likely disrupt the Ecosystem by bringing about the socio-economic consequences of the failures of the current financial system. I do not doubt that DeFi will become the highest standard in finance, I am just concerned of the global suffering that it will take to get it there.

See ya next review :+1:


Yeah I agree. I also find it sometimes difficult to understand the instructor. I can’t always make out what he is saying. It seems like the structure of this course could be a little more organized as well. It’s more of a free flow of ideas sometimes. Overall it is good info but could use some improvement.


also like the course, one gets interesting inputs and know.
what i would like to have a bit more in defi 201 is some deeper practical that we can use and master some of the tools and platforms that are available. it would imo be good in being quite swiftly in a couple of tactics, platforms. For example, i would be able to master staking on synthetix (or another protocol, that is recommended to use) and have minimum certainty, that it makes sense what i do and it is also relatively save. (could also be instruments on compound for example, or providing liquity and earn passive interest on platforms…such abilities would make us maybe interesting for business )

I love the diagrams that Amadeo shows us from they look like big jelly fish, how does he get those specific diagaram lay out, mine always come back in spreadsheet form not animated like a jelly fish …please help

Hi Amadeo

I did post a reply seperate but i found you, great so far you have so much kowledge to give …thankyou, can i ask the graphs from that you use are great but I cant seem to replicate them with the graphics …the ones that look like jelly fish…mine come back as spreadsheets may i ask how you do that please?


Mark Le

Hi guys,

In one part of defi 101 there is this article about compound

I can see just the beggining and it just fades away :slight_smile: you could open it?

Otherwise course is really demanding because eth and btc course are so clear… one coin one thing… here is like zizillion of stuff and really I have to rerun the videos, Google, read articles. Quite demanding. But instructor is cool IMO…i like his way of info, it’s just the topic is really hard to grasp so quickly

I also agree
Amadeo might be good technically but I don’t think he is very good at explaining.
I really struggle to understand the concepts he is trying to explain.
There is a lack of structure where he starts explaining one thing then forgets about it and starts talking about something else.
Or he gives a vague explanation which leaves me with many questions.
This course feels very unprepared, Amadeo is often lost for words when trying to explain concepts so then he resorts to reading his slides. And the slides have many typos.
Thanks for the links to articles Amadeo but I am taking the course with you so I expect you to explain DeFi concepts clearly, not the articles you link. At the moment I have to do my own research to understand most of what Amadeo is talking about so what is the point of taking this course with Amadeo?
I really hope Amadeo has improved in DeFi 201.

Hi Amadeo,
You are covering as space whose consequences an evolution are somewhat breathtaking. I was an analyst and global fund manager for a very long time.I was worried that this new space evolving from the blockchain protocole would be censured in some way by governments . But as Paypal and Wall Street are getting involved in the game, I guess that probability is far lower. Listening to you and thanks to the excellent reading material you provide I am getting a glimpse of the possibilities , but less of the risk, except it the base of the building blocks stumble.
It’s like a building , how much of an earthquake can it stand. As the technology and the protocoles get better the sounder it will get.
Two questions :
I believe CDS’s are like the pest . A bond manager is paid to asses the risk of the bond he buy’s .,so if he is incompetent he should not be there. In the mean time , as far as I know , despite many fund managers asking for it, no regulatory exchange exists. So the question is : could one write a protocole that would not allow the short sellers to kill the beast : I would believe so. I am sure that many are already looking at the question.
2) If I where a small hedge fund and had some descent tech , I would create an algorithm that would switch me to the highest interest rate payer on a momentum basis , which would create distortion to volume and price. Does this make sense ?
I hope all si well in the Philippines .
Best regards from Switzerland

Do you watch Ivan’s Good Morning Crypto?

He lays down amazing economic knowledge on the daily
in a very understandable way.

I highly recommend.

I am very new to this, no background at all, and this course is very challenging. I could use maybe some real life examples to help me understand the concepts a bit better. When I explore various defi protocols, it is not clear to me if it is even a service that is useful to me. There are so many, it’s mind-boggling.