Computer Required for Bitcoin/Blockchain Programming?

Hello everyone,

A group of my friends and me are taking the Academy. What is the minimum computer configuration that we need for the programming courses? Money is an issue. I’ve called computer vendors, and they recommend buying the top of the line computer from them. That is not financially feasible for all of us at this time.

Can someone let me know what is the minimum CPU, RAM, hard drive, GPU, etc that we will need in our computer for the programming courses?

Thank you in advance!


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Hi @MrSeven you can definitely do the course on a raspberry pi 4.
For the ethereum 101 course for example you can code the smart contracts on it s a web interface that allow you to build and test your smart contract online.

If you want to mine you will need a good computer but to code you don’t really need one, js course, c++ and ethereum can be made on a raspberry 4 (you can use ganache to emulate a node locally and run a Js server to test your front end).

If you want to run your own node or do the gaming course with unity you will need something more powerful.

So to resume if you really don’t have money to invest start with a raspberry pi 4 (90$) plug it on your tv with an hdmi cable (the cheapest way :wink: ) it will be a bit slow but it’s ok, i run bots on raspberry pi and watch streaming on youtube with mine so it’s ok for the course.

Otherwise if you want something for the long term take a something like intel core i5/i7 for the Cpu,
4gb/8gb ram, 250/500G SSD and gtx 960 (or less you don’t need a good gpu for coding ) it’s more than enough.

I will focus more on Ram and Cpu, storage is interesting if you want to download the whole blockchain and run a full node

Thank you! Really appreciate it!

Just a small note on the above response, don’t bother mining BTC with your computer. You won’t make money on it, even if you’re in a pool. Focus on the coding with a cheaper build, like was suggested by Gabba.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you! Yes, the computer purchases are strictly for learning programming in the Academy and for programming courses. The days of mining BTC with a personal computer and making money is definitely long gone.

I bought a $120 refurbished computer un amazon or u can get it on ebay. And I had no problems for studie or coding. ( You don’t have to have a top of the line pc) They just want to sell more.

Thank you! Really appreciate it! Will check it out. You guys on the Toshi Times Board are great!