Confused with the leaderboard

Hi! When I complete a course, I receive 30 points. And then I see that the leaderboard is filled with people who only in the last 2 days (this week) amassed hundreds of point. Currently the leader has close to 900 points. I find it hard to believe this person had completed 29 courses in just 2 days. So what am I missing here?

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Hey Wayan. You can press complete course, even without seeing the full video. Some tech savy people might jump unwanted videos.

Not entirely sure this is the correct answer to give you, but that’s my perspective on that.
To gain mastery in something, jumping knowledge will get you nowhere. But if you already know 100% the theme about the video, you can go to the next one

Don’t take my word as the truth, that’s just what I think is happening

Hi David,

Yes, I thought about that, but to get to 870 points, that person would have had to complete 29 courses (if you only get 30 points per course). This month’s leader has >3500 points. I count 19 courses and 15 Q&A sessions in the entire academy. Even if you get 30 points per Q&A, that would still mean a max of (19 courses + 15 Q&A)*30 points = 1020 points.
So where did he get those other 2500 points?

The universe is full of mysteries.