Congratulations & Keep on learning

A big Congratulations to you!
I’m very proud that you soaked up all that knowledge!
The DeFi space will be one of the more important spaces in the blockchain space but also in the world moving forward in these interesting times we are in right now. Lets see what the future has to offer luckily we are now well prepared and ready to dive deeper and keep on learning.

Your next steps can be to start interacting more and more with the DeFi eco system instead of with our traditional banking system but watch out the DeFi ecosystem is still very young and experimental.

I hope to interact with all of you on the Ivan On Tech forum :slight_smile:
Create your own financial sovereignty :wink: #DeFi #Blockchain #Ethereum

It is well enough that people do not understand the banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. The revolution has started and more and more people are learning about #DeFi #Blockchain #Ethereum



We recommend you first follow the following course before starting DeFi 201:

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