Controversial Scaling Solution

So I’m putting this in gaming because P3D, and various other casino dApps are considered gaming.
And this contract is forked from something similar.
What I actually think I’ve uncovered is a scaling solution.

It utilizes what is essentially a pyramid scheme, as a token generator.
The more you lose in the pyramid (and the longer you hold) the more you “resolve” tokens you’re rewarded.

This supply also has a deflationary mechanism.

The supply of these tokens is difficult to attack (gain dominant control of >50%) because the moment you try to buy it out, people can sell at a loss in the pyramid at a cheaper rate than the whale can buy it for. And while the entire supply is inflating the whale is also losing all his money trying to bribe a black hole.
There’s more.
But the system is not complex at all.
It’s very elegant.
There’s only one configuration in the entire program and that’s the slope of the pyramid.

I’m updating my test pages soon. Let me know if you’re interested. Everything is open source

The only thing you need to look for is the Pie Chart. Because it’s stable distribution means it can secure a proof of stake sidechain. And can build a ring of trust around anything.