Course completion, how?

Over the last few days I’ve completed the Bitcoin 101 and Ethereum 101 courses, but the site doesn’t seem to recognize them as being completed. How do you get the courses to count as completed?

I expected some numbers to be here after completing courses:

I expected the study plan to update with checked boxes:

This shows all lessons of Bitcoin 101 completed:

This shows all lessons of Ethereum 101 completed:

Yeah, I guess it’s bug and they are aware of the issue… I noticed my points are not working either.

Hello sir, sorry for the inconvenience, the Leader board is still on BETA, it show some issues time to time, we are working in many improvements for the actual Academy website in order to made your experience more enjoyable.

You might see it updated after finished other courses, could be at the end at the week and you can check your all time score updated. To be honest some times will work perfectly, other could not update the interface properly so goes glitchy, but all the scores and achievements are properly save on the database (funds are safe). :grimacing:

Carlos Z.