Course Feedback

We are very interested in your opinions about the course! Feel free to write to us here whenever you feel that you want to share your opinions about the course and its contents.


I really liked how well orginised the course is. Making the forum for interactions and getting help or helping others what I am used to froum Udacity. It looks very profesional and well done. I want to thank you to Ivan for this opportunity. I am loving this!


Very impressive course! I am very excited to see that there are videos along with the work! I love me some Ivan On Tech! Can’t wait to start the coding parts!


I took the deep fundamentals course a couple months ago and found it very informative and well laid out. It satisfied all hopes I had for it.
Only 4% into the programing course but must say kudos to you both for such a wonderfully methodical introduction to the course. I’m excited to move ahead and learn. Thank you!


Thank you for the feedback guys

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Real pro setup. Looks like you guys put a lot of love into it. I’m excited to get started

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Literally taking the course one-step at a time, as instructed. This is just the beginning. I wonder how far I can go following all the steps in this course. I hope to see you all on the last step.


Cant get to Status Page
Keep us posted here on Thoshi Times
Not sure if its only ME ?


Under HTML section in Assignment hint - lists, There is a typo or I think there is. Should we create a topic for these sorts of things and help to the team for fixing them?

If you’ve spend hours trying to figure out links in HTML and still cannot get it to work we have a hint for you.

For example it should be figure out lists.

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Agreed. Sometimes it’s trivial things, such as literature being misspelled as litterature, but if we can help the team by bringing these things to their attention, I’m sure they would appreciate it.


All good now !!
Have access :slight_smile:

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Good idea, please write in this thread: Course typos and mistakes

It would be great if someone listout the exact list of all topics, so that we can match if any topic is leftout in anyone course or not.

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I feel like I just enrolled in Satoshi University.


Ivan I think there are many programmers who speak SPANISH and could open a side thread to help clarify us newbies in our native language. Is this possible? English is the universal language but there is also native language communities to develop. Would it be possible?


Good idea, feel free to use this thread: Spanish Community


The course is open ?!?

I just checked and it is. I was waiting for an email. Can’t wait to get started.

Hi Jamal, yes it’s open, what email did you purchase your course with?

So far, great organization of your course outline…I can’t wait to learn more

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I used , I already started the course because I used my old login for the blockchain course and it’s all working well.