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In the lecture Installing Wallet Daemon there is a link to the dev portal where we can download the wallet daemon zip file. This zip file is
I wasn’t able to create a wallet account with the command node src/main.js account new from this wallet.

On this page: you will find a link to with which I was able to create a wallet account.


The command mutation createTokenRequest gave me a message error in GraphiQL.

When I used the command

mutation ApproveENJ{
  CreateEnjinRequest (
    identity_id: 1,
    type: APPROVE,
    approve_enj_data: {
      value: 0
  ) {

before the command mutation ApproveMAXENJ, I could then create the tokens with the command mutation createTokenRequest.

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I had a problem while running the Enjin daemon command: “node src/main.js account new”
It returns “Cannot read property ‘eth’ of undefined
at Wallet.create (/Users/thiagoalmeida/Desktop/enjin-wallet-daemon-1.0.0-beta.6/src/wallet.js:65:37)” and I can’t figure it out by only searching in google. Does anyone had the same problem as I do and know how to fix it?
Thank you so much

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I had the same problem. You will find the solution in my preceding post. You need to download enjin-wallet-daemon-master instead of enjin-wallet-daemon-1.0.0-beta.6. Link in my preceding post.

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Thanks, you can now find it hosted here as well:

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@filip : i have a problem funding my wallet : please the the following message :slight_smile:
Error! Status: 500.
Error broadcasting KETH transaction. Error: Returned error: Insufficient funds. The account you tried to send transaction from does not have enough funds. Required 100630000000000000 and got: 83820429000000000.

@filip : has someone succeeded to have kovan testnet eth withis method ??? or any KENJ ???
i cannot go on without test KENJ… so please explain or please please GIVE ME KENJ ( i have KETH already) :slight_smile:
ty a lot

Thanks @filip, I had the problem, your advise solved my problem, thanks! TY.

The faucet works for me, I just tried it. Are you using this one?

@filip : the faucet is working now… do not understand… claude_bourgeois had the same problem than me… working and not working after… do not understand anything but ok now… ty filip for your help…

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Hi filip,
can you please provide the link to the file “how to host your own JSON file” as you’ve said in the lecture?


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@Daniel_Fuchs Thanks a lot for reaching out!
I am the new mentor for Enjin. Can you help me with the video where Filip mentioned about this JSON file?


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Hi Taha, it was in the Video “Setting Metadata”:

regards daniel

Check this out on “how to host your own JSON file”

Also this is another simpler way of doing it