Dear entertainers, Let’s discus any developments that we can benefit from on Blockchain/Crypto.

  • Develop ideas together

  • Getting paid methods

  • Feedback on you craft

  • Collaborations

Great idea - thanks Omar! There are a number of good musicians in the academy and in the IoT daily chat. I am classically trained with a very eclectic mix of music types which I follow (too many to list here!).

Looking forward to exploring this avenue with you.

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Hej Matt,
That’s cool…

You reply gave me the idea that it is good to know what everyone has as a skill set.

My Skillset: based in the netherlands

  • Style: Electronic Tribal music based on Africa, Asia and latin.
  • Good in Mix engineering.
  • Innovative mindset
  • connected with media and art
  • Event management
  • Turn great ideas in profitable business

What I need 2 develop:

  • Not good at progamming/code
  • Being fully profitable in crypto and blockchain
  • connect best of both worlds.
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