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Section: Crypto Basics - Reading Assignment Explain Different Alt Coins: “ Flexible user experience — don’t like the interface to a certain dapp? No problem — you can use a third party interface, or build your own. Smart contracts are like an open API that anyone can build an app for.”

My Question: So for example If I didn’t like how facebook interface looked I can recreate how I want it to look like by coding it differently because this is considered common and normal? And What would be an example of using third party interface in replacement of using the facebook interface? If this is not a good example for a question could someone help me understand a different way?

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Hey @myles_deboer, hope you are well.

A quick example that comes to me is zapper and aave, where you could use aave interface to manage your funds, or just use zapper to achieve the same, because zapper have integration with the aave contract, so you could use aave if you like the interface, or zapper if its easier. Depends on what is best for you basically. (save option)

Carlos Z

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Hi Carlos,
Thanks for the response. When you say integration, does that mean Zapper uses similar code to that of Aave? kind of like how DEX’s (other than uniswap) have copy and pasted uniswaps code in order to create their own dex on how they want their platform to look like?