- buying CRO tokens

I’m new to the course. How do I buy CRO tokens/coins? I have bought MCO, but don’t see that CRO is listed on my Binance exchange. Ivan mentioned this morning, but I don’t know how to invest in it.

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CRO is listed on Bittrex, Kucoin, idex… and you have exchange

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Hey @Paul_Sandberg, only uses MCO now, and you can download the app and start buying crypto ASAP.

Any help would really be appreciated. I am struggling to find a platform that allows me to purchase crypto. I live in the US, so most platforms don’t work. I have only used coinbase, which a cap and higher fees and not a great trading platform. Are there any other places I can purchase it?

I recently purchased a hard wallet and transferred some of my funds to it to upload and trade with them. However, they aren’t registering on the actual devise; it’s only on my desktop. How do I get it to show up on the device, or does it even do that?

I am paying 3 different fees just to get it to one spot, and it’s cutting right into the amount of crypto I have. I could really use some direct instructions, so I don’t end up blowing it in fees.

I’m just getting so frustrated because everything I am trying isn’t working, and although these classes go over it, I need some help being walked through it.

Please, and thank you!