Crypto-Curious seeks answer on NFTs for specific EdTech Solutions

I am looking to write about specific ways to fund exceptional school improvement projects that rely on unique combinations of change factors employed in unison. Can you help me understand the basic possibilities?

In Ivan on Tech’s article Definition and Use Cases of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) he referenced the way NFTs can be used to capture unique value assets and maintain the integrity of their defined data. He also mentions that these tokens can be designed to perform specific contracts or “smart contracts” designated for unique terms to be executed without relying on either party’s acts or integrity.

How can this be applied to a specific industry, such as EdTech where unique innovations create new and unique improvements in the application of specific functions at a specific school? For example, if an NFT is formed of a unique EdTech innovation package (skeletal basics, but unique), and that package is successfully implemented at School A, can the NFT then be sold to School B with the added value of its School A success in its history? Can it be worth more to School B because it worked at School A?

Or, can an NFT become a specific instrument of value in EdTech simply for having enabled/supported the creation of an innovation, and then carry the unique value of its success forward into another innovation project, and then another? If the creator/holder of the NFT is good at choosing which projects to support, can that track record become part of the NFT’s increased value?

Please ask clarifying questions if it would help.

Thank you.

Steve Clark
San Diego


Hi Steve i am new and looking to link NFT’s to Photography and films and am just starting out,
It would be nice to hear how you manage with your research into NFT use,
All the best