Crypto lost in a known contract account

Send my tokens to a contract address when I was trying yield farming but I cannot see the amounts in Metamask.
I know the address the transaction was sent but I cannot see the crypto in my Metamask wallet.
Anyone had a similar experience?

Thank you in advance for your help,


Make sure you add the token name to your wallet. Were they Erc20 tokens?


Thanks for your help.
It was UNI-V2 WBTC/ETH coins in Uniswap
I add the address i saw in Etherscan to my Metamask wallet but I don’t see the amounts.


No problem, it’s not a good feeling when you think you lost crypto haha!

Were the transactions successful? Check on Etherscan…

Also, I have some SUSHI and UNI tokens that show up in Metamask on PC but not on the mobile app, could try that…

Good luck!

I’ll try that