Crypto personalities

Today I was talking with my husband about crypto and about our kids, two daily subjects in our lives.
And describing our boys, being so different we also thought about the different cryptocurrencies and which one would go better with our personalities. It was a fun game to think of while drinking our coffee. We didn’t compare or discuss what had better fundamentals. We just looked at the coins and thought (the way Hogwarts has 4 houses) which one would go well with our personality. This was our conclusion:
My first born (just turned 9) is living in his own amazing dream world: Mana (Decentraland)
My little one is a man of dark secrets XD (at the age of 4, mind you!): Monero
My husband is very good connecting people of different walks of life: Chainlink
And I love my privacy, so I am definitely: Zcash
What coin/token are you?


Interesting idea! This would make for a good “quiz” game that gives you an answer based on your response to pre-set questions.

I’d say because of my interest/inclination to help, teach and support others learning and ideas, I’d consider myself Ether. I’d be the resource for others’ projects (DApps & smart contracts).

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else thinks about themselves!


I guess I’d be Enjin because I like to make unique things.