Crypto portfolio app


What app do you use to keep track of your portfolio? I tried the excel sheet mentioned on this page, but sadly it doesn’t work with Google sheets (I don’t have excel). I found this app:
It is easy to use and pretty straightforward. There are still a few things that could be better, but the devs respond quickly on the slack channel and fix bugs rather fast.

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@Kurtis I like blockfolio but I am a little paranoid so I keep numbers that only make sense to me in the app. It seems these days it’s a risk to have any financial information on any computer/app. I know the federal government wanted to know people’s blockfolio information and there have been known cases of apps stealing information as well.

One nice thing is that coins have an explorer view and if you search your address you can see your balance.

2 Likes is a good service that helps track performance of your crypto and provides information needed for tax purposes. If you should be paying taxes on your crypto gains this is super helpful. I also use Blockfolio on my phone for quick checks on the go.


Yes, I tried blockfolio since it is the most popular app, but did find it a bit complicated. I couldn’t select euro as default currency either. I did try to make a Google spreadsheet myself, but failed miserably :grin:

Can they know your identity when you use an alias login?

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The free version of didn’t work for me. The number of bitcoin amounts didn’t match up with my records. I exported exchange spreadsheets. I didn’t use the paid version with API key.

Did yours match up without the API keys?

I had to resort to website as my amounts matched up there.

For automated re-balancing on Binance and Coinbase you can use: