Crypto pride vs crypto safety?

I told a friend once that I was going to make a necklace to wear of my favorite coin and she said “why would you do that, then everyone would know that you own crypto…” and she meant that in regards to theft issues.

I also remember when I just found out about crypto I asked some Tech people who I think may own crypto if they did. I told them that I was thinking about getting into it. The non verbal response was the equivalent of a child squirming in their seat if you were chastising them for eating a cookie “go talk to bob, he may know” or “what’s your question? (Substitute silence and no offering additional thoughts or experience of the industry etc)”

What do you guyz think? (I mispelled guys intentionally to include us girls). Pride before safety? Safety before pride? Or can they coexist?

I have seen so far a few instances of people getting Crypto-currency symbols for tattoos? When you own a expensive sports car do you leave it in your garage in case if someone might see it? I believe that your friend has valid reasoning behind their opinion but at the same time when you speak of adoption, pride is just as important of value, to an extent of course.


Hey there! I agree with @Chlerix with that sport car reasoning! Don’t think there’s a point in hiding any kind of pride about crypto! And as long as you’re not walking around with your private key on your forehead, go ahead and show it! It’ll be interesting for people who don’t know about it and you’ll be able to bring some curious ones to the cryptospace. It’s also a great way to know people who are already into it! As regards your question, you create your own security by knowing up to which extent you share your private info. Both are equally important, but you are basically in control of them.

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I personally do not tell anybody that I have crypto. I do not want to attract any unnecessary attention from hackers or thieves. I save crypto in a cold wallet, but somebody can break into my house and steal the wallet.

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Takuya, yeah my feelings are more aligned with Wan and Chlerix but my head sides with you.

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I run by the quote “Tell everyone about Bitcoin, don’t tell anyone about YOUR Bitcoin”


I tell everyone that I spend all the crypto for charity :sweat_smile: Still can wear a necklace and feel safe :sunglasses:


Thanks Vic, I’ll keep that in mind🙂