Crypto Project For Experienced/Finished Students

I hope this is allowed but my friend is well connected with a few company’s (one being a dispensary) looking for someone to create a crypto currency for them. I told him i’m learning at the moment how to program but am still not fully there.
So i’m coming here to reach out to anyone who maybe wants to take up the opportunity!
I will put an email in the comments, once i’m sure this is allowed on the forums space.

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I like the idea, let’s see what our moderators say :slight_smile: @dan-i @filip

Hey @EmanuelRuiz369

Feel free to share the email and also details on the opportunity so that other students can check it out.


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Sweet guys!

This is the email:
My nick name is Manny. Tell them Manny or Emanuel (my real name) Sent you.

The guys name is austin, he’s super nice and we’ll connect but very serious. Again the project is creating a crypto for a company, one of them for sure is a dispensary. Send resumes and he will get back to you.
Thanks again guys.

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Well I guess this is the spot. Who wants to work on a project, concerning the pandemic and the issue with covid vaccinations and…? I have an idea that I would require a team for. Id like to approach this in Agile manner, i will post a discord server invite asap. In the meantime , please leave your interested response here.
I will try to provide more information as this goes along, I am currently a Moralis beta tester and a student at the academy. Thank you.