Crypto thieves getting caught by new technology

to the thief who stole crypto from me including 9 million Hex, you will either repent to Jesus and put back my property, or will end up trying to survive in jail. You should know that your sloppy behavior is a dead ringer, an easy target. using federally protected algorithms which the public has not seen yet is in force and running day and night. it is building and drilling down on your every move. i have already seen it tighten down on you. this is the most amazing technology i have ever seen. scanning trillions of data points from multiple layers of behavior patterns and then aligned with other scans to overlap and intersect, one on top the other it is tightening and focusing on one target, you. every day now, we are developing yet another behavior pattern which we turn into a layer that also gets scanned for trillions more data points. the behavior patterns can be something as simple as your frequency of key stores, session times, ip addresses, location movements, frequency of movement, association to apps and programs, and much more. the servers which appropriates these processes is bigger than i ever imagined. so privilaged I am to be used as a beta subject for this new technology, I know it will not be long before you are encarcerated. that will be a glorious day when i and many others get our assets back, and you find yourself running from horney thugs in federal prison. Or, with your cooperation, you could repent to Jesus, return my property today and find yourself forgiven and perhaps have made a new friend in me. Yes, God has made me into one who is willing to forgive those who repent. Foregiveness will set you free and start a new life for yourself, all, for simply putting back what you stole. You will not have to spend any time in prison, which alone should be enough incentive. the choice is yours. i hope you make the right one. put my property back where you found it----->> 0x6D8e26999a0944E60798f9C39757047df67924Fe

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