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Hey guys I decided to make a new post about this as the previous ones headline wasn’t relevant.

In light of all the support I have received from the Blockchain community over the years. I have decided to add a token view to my Ethereum tracker. You can now view data like exchanges they are available at, detailed price changes (hourly, daily, weekly), volumes, spreads etc.

Here is the link to use it -

To view a coin just type the contract address like this for DOS -

Props to you if you can figure out where the name is from :slight_smile:

Check out the video below for instructions
How to add a wallet -
How to check out coin details -


Thanks so much… just what I was looking for :clap: :clap: :clap:!!!

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Thanks man, I am glad you like it, its only been a few weeks. I have more updates in progress.

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Excellent!!! It has very valuable information, it is a good point of reference for people who have just entered the ecosystem and want to know where to acquire the tokens.

One question, Can any token be queried ?
I ask because I try to query the NXM ( address 0xd7c49cee7e9188cca6ad8ff264c1da2e69d4cf3b) as you explain above, but it gives me the error “No coin exists with this id in our database!”


Right now I have 287 coins there. I am pulling data from multiple sites like coingecko, ethplorer etc. They all use different things as id for example Chainlink id on ethplorer is LINK, coingecko is ChainLink and etherscan is it’s contract address, so I want to make sure everything works which is why I manually add all coins. I will add another 100 or so coins today and maybe make a page with all coins :slight_smile:

I am glad you liked it, hope it picks up some traction and I can build a community around it.


Added coin details card and improved UI -

Link to app up top ^



New update guys, now can view analytics like github activity, reddit data and developer ratings etc. from coingecko

Link -


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Keep up the good work.

Could you share information on how you succeeded connecting with Coingecko’s API (wrapper used, links, tutorials, code, etc.)?

Hey, no wrappers used, I made a server that pulls data from coingecko and ethplorer using Axios. The server then updates a mongodb database every 5 minutes. Then I query the database to get information, this way I can infinitely scale this app by upgrading my mongodb server or aws server depending on the number of users.


Added tweets to the coin page. Can check most recent tweets in the past week.

Check out this Parsiq page for example (click on twitter tab in community hub) -

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Cerberus, in Greek mythology, was the hound of Hades that guarded the Underworld. Curious, how did you decide on this name for your crypto tracker site?

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Its based on the video game trilogy Mass Effect. The lead character Shepard works for this company Cerberus that spies on everyone and controls the universe behind the scenes.

Added support for Non-Ethereum based cryptocurrencies, top 100 and trending.

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