CyberSmartCoin (CBST) ICO and Token Giveway

Latest Hottest ICO of 2018!

I personally invested in BTC, ETH, BNB, ONT and several other coins so far, including CBST. I am looking at EOS for June.

CBST is the coin name of CyberSmartCoin, which uses trading bots.

CBST is currently in the ICO stage of their roadmap. the current price is a dime a coin. plus, they’re giving away 150 tokens for new signups during this stage of the ICO.

the white paper and other info are on

Do your own research.

Thanks for sharing. But when I sign up I didn’t see anything about 150 free tokens.
Are there any references?

The website seems to be down (site can’t be reached) but will check it out later, there doesn’t seem to be much information on this coin anywhere?

I would urge a serious amount of caution in regards to this coin.

  1. The website doesn’t work, period. I haven’t been able to access in hours (this is highly relevant if they are indeed affiliate with a cyber security company).
  2. I found them on ICO rating (where they don’t have a rating, nor risk assessment):
  3. They don’t exist on ICO bench.
  4. I was able to download the white paper from ICO Rating:
  • It’s only 6 pages long
  • It doesn’t clarify how their so called trading bots work, actually it clarifies very little
  • The team in the whitepaper consists of only 4 people, none of which have any blockchain or technology experience
  • None of the team members have a linked in account
  • One of the members (Nicoll Maty) has no social media accounts whatsoever and returns zero results in a google search (her name is unique enough that it should have shows some results)
  • One of the members (Horatiu Cara) has a youtube account but aside from that a google search also turns up empty.
  • The YouTube account has exactly 5 videos on it, the last two are all about him wanting to buy some other coins in exchange for cybersmartcoins.
  • The YouTube account doesn’t have any other data on it and is only 3 months old:
  • The videos refer to another YouTuber (Crypto Flower) however she has no videos on cybersmartcoin and hasn’t commented on the videos by Horatiu Cara, so I’d have to assume they’re not affiliated.
  • In one of the videos Horatiu claims that they’re a team of 30 people, there are only 4 people in the whitepaper.
  • There is one video in which he invites Crypto Flower for an interview, but she isn’t actually in the video and there is no interview.
  1. The white paper also refers to another company:
  • This is a company that specializes in ethical hacking and cyber security, there is no reference to cybersmartcoin on their website so I’d have to assume they’re not affiliated
  • None of the team members of cybersmartdefence are in the cybersmartcoin whitepaper, so I’d have to assume none of the actual security experts have anything to do with cybersmartcoin
  1. They claim to have trading robots, if you have trading robots that are generating revenue then why would you need other peoples investment?
  2. They constantly talk about doing airdrops but there is no information anywhere to validate this and the frequency of the airdrops changes in every statement.

This may or may not be a legitimate project (at this point I highly doubt the legitimacy). if it is legitimate then this is by far one of the worst, unstructured and unorganised ICOs and coins out there.

For sure, this is NOT the hottest ICO of 2018.

Just to be clear, this is nothing personal against @Xan for posting this here :slight_smile: , we all post things that we think are good and beneficial to the community and we should all continue to do so (by all means, please do), I’m just adding caution based on my current assessment of the coin.

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i looked over the process and asked the admins, and this is how to get your tokens:
before you even sign up, join the telegram group to which there is a link on the site.
mention you are signing up.
when you sign up, they immediately add the tokens to your account.

thank you @iwan.spillebeen for your honest assessment. :slight_smile: that was impressive!

i found many things you wrote, also, and i have to agree there is risk, as there is in many ICOs, and you listed a healthy bunch of items there.

about what you listed, allow me to try to clarify wherever i can:

  1. i know some people have had trouble loading it recently. to be sure, i checked from a few different places, and the site does work. it was overloaded with traffic recently but it’s being upgraded. the admins have told me in telegram that they are doing their best to move to better servers.

  2. yes i agree they need to be more proactive in getting ratings for that and other review sites. still that doesn’t interfere with my assessment of their project.

  3. again i agree they need to be on more places. but no one can be everywhere in the early stages especially if they never did any big marketing campaigns before, which it’s clear they have not. that’s why for me, this is an early stage that i like in crypto projects, and a good time for me to jump in, before they get all slick and the tokens move out of my entry point zone.

as for the white paper’s length, i don’t think that really matters. white papers are generally a bunch of marketing fluff, surrounding the important meat of the document. in this case, there’s little to no fluff. just core information. maybe it’s not quite as complete as some would like. that’s why it’s a good time for anyone interested in contributing things like copywriting skills, to help polish up the white paper. and they’re looking for people to do different things. also, anyone can ask in the telegram channel about any questions. hopefully they’ll add all the good/important ones to an FAQ or to the white paper’s next iteration.

  1. the white paper is also available on the site. i guess if you have trouble loading it, that’s a separate issue that of course must be resolved! totally agree with you.

  2. yes the white paper references cyber smart defence which is a cybersecurity project that is using the cyber smart coin. it’s a good use case of the CBST cryptocurrency.

the companies are different, although there are links between some of the top people at least, from what the staff told me in chat. again, i would really ask the staff in telegram for more details, and i agree, that should also be clearer on the sites and in the white paper!

  1. that is always a very valid question about trading bots. then again, there are plenty of trading bot pools. that is frankly no different than people buying stocks, or portions of them, using stock trading pool mechanisms. this is hardly the first such use of trading pools or trading bots. the difference, from what i’ve read and what i’ve been told the company manager i chatted with in the telegram channel, is their methodology. again, not to sound like a broken record here, but it’s probably best if anyone who wants a deeper answer than that, just ask on the telegram channel, which is at

and i agree that the answer to this question should also be more clearly presented in video, on the site, in the white paper, etc. again, this is early stage, so yes, the project needs better messaging.

still, that doesn’t keep me from finding the project interesting and investment-worthy. lots of potential risk == lots of potential reward. if you can’t stomach risk, definitely this isn’'t your ideal ICO. if you’re excited by getting in near the ground floor of something potentially quite innovative, then this is indeed a candidate to consider, following thorough research and due diligence, of course.

  1. there is an airdrop mentioned on the home page. did you not see it? and the one i mentioned is active. what i suggest is Before signing up, going to the telegram channel and simply telling the channel admin that you’re going to sign up, and before you do, they confirm to you that your tokens will be deposited and available when you sign up. i’ve seen them deposit a number of times to people in the channel, all within under 10 seconds of saying they will deposit.

ok maybe i can see why you don’t think it’s the hottest ICO of 2018. still, i’m excited by it! :slight_smile: if i’m over-eager, maybe it’s just my folly, but i really want to help projects like CBST. maybe i’m wrong, but from what i can tell, the model could work nicely over time. sure it seems logical that it will have ups and down like any other business, but i think the automation of trading is a smart idea, especially if it can consistently improve, even ever so slightly, over time.

i will keep sharing and i appreciate the critical eyes. that’s why i share what i find interesting, and i learned from your constructive criticism how much improvement it obviously needs to demonstrate clear high standards that sharp minds such as yourself expect, beyond the flaws i noticed.


The trouble is, I’ve never been able to access the website, not from any office PC nor from home, I’ve tried a few times in the course of last week and never managed to get in.

I agree that this is content over length but again, I found that there was little content to go by.

Nope, since I’ve never been able to access the website.

I absolutely agree, assuming that it is a legitimate project, that they need help. However since I only have their whitepaper to go by, due to the website being inaccessible, I can’t really change any statement I’ve made until I publicly have access to more information; I’m (and this is purely personal) not interested in joining yet another telegram group.

It is really up to the company running the ICO to ensure that the public has access to all relevant information. Yes this might mean that I may loose out on a potential winning project but there are 100s of projects out there and I receive requests to get involved in various on a weekly basis.

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