DAPP idea for gas fee reductions

OK just a noob thinking out loud here after a painful swap fee:

Would it be possible to lower gas fees on ETH with the following:

Could a DAPP have users/gamers with CPUs on the ETH network trade the computational power(kW) they use for gwei?

If so, they could just keep only part of that amount of gwei and the rest could go to a pool in the network, where the EVM could dip into in order to evenly offset against individual gas fees of all transaction going on at any given time?

In order not too have create too much ETH in the process, all unused gwei in the pool could be burned after a certain time.

Why wouldn’t this work. Simply curious. Thank you

Hmm I think the CPU power of your one won’t be able to compete with a proffessional constant miner. They are doing it as a business and they invest hundreds of thousands of dollar into it, man.

The CPU of one individual person wouldn’t compete with anyone.

The idea is that gamers/users could basically sell the small power they generates with their computer to the ETH network and receive a small amount of gwei through a dapp. They would only be able to keep a small portio of those gwei, basically get paid small amounts to play games/use electricity, by selling power credit to the network, so it can be used it to pay miners (not sure if this is possible. But this forum probably a good place to check)

The rest of the gwei the app receives would then be sent into a pool on the ETH network that would basically help pay the miners and be less taxing on the individual making a Tx.

Example: Few hundred kids are playing fortnite on their CPU at home at the same time, all getting gwei for the kW they use via this hypothetical dapp. This dapp sends most of the gwei they generated to this pool on the network. At around the same time, you’re on uniswap about to be charged 100$ in gas fees. But then the EVM checks to see how much it is able to take out of that pool to help you with those fees, based on how much is in the pool and how many Tx are happening at that time. Your gas fees are now 36$. Miner gets paid the same. Unused ETH in that pool must eventually be burned as to not create too many coin and bring down the value.

Anyway. This is just an idea that came to me and even if valid, would be a very complex balancing act. I was just curious to see if it was possible and thought would be interesting to read the answers.

OK, friend. I had mined bitcoin for a short period and I somehow know it is working. But let me organise my language to explain it to you later friend.
I think it can be possible, but the effect that you wish you can get to SAVE THE GAS can be significantly low.

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That would be great! Looking forward to your reply!

Hey @CharlieMo

EIP 1559 propose an interesting solution like you are mention.

While we wait for this kind of proposals or ETH 2.0, Layer2 solutions are now one of the interesting ideas to solve the gas prices on fees.


If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.

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