Darwinia RING & KTON

Hi, i bought ring and kton on uniswap. Now i have it on my etherwallet. How can i get into the Darwinia mainnet for staking. The Darwinia Mainnet address does not work for receiving them… Thank you so much in advance.

https://darwinia.network/ > head down to roadmap. Darwinia is still on the “Crab” network so you would require CRING to stake which is not the same as RING (Which I presume you’ve purchased)

You’ll have to wait until the mainnet is launched

If you wish to run a testnet node > https://docs.darwinia.network/docs/en/crab-tut-node
Some info on the Crab testnet > http://darwinia.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com/claims/crab_en.pdf

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