Decentralized web

I am impressed in the decentralized web as a future development of decentralization. I started exploring this field, but I am still not sure, which project would be the best investment in the terms of.

  1. delivering the product
  2. easy to use
  3. mass adoption
  4. solving the approach.

I already follow projects like:

  1. Elastos, who is releasing carrier nodes in tv boxes
  2. SkyCoin with their Skyminers
  3. Substratum - no need of any special software to access the Substratum site
  4. Holochain
  5. MaidSafe?
  6. Unibright?
    …some others I missed?

What is your opinion about these projects and who do you think might be the winner in the long run? Of course, there might be more winners or all can deliver (like now you have more platforms like Ethereum, EOS, Zilliqa etc.), but if you would invest, which one would it be?

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I personally follow only Substratum and think they have the best approach and the best chance to succeed if they keep on delivering. They understood how VPN works and their single point of failure. They are going for a software solution on an already established internet infrastructure. They are choosing the most efficient way of solving the internet censorship. Once the network starts up and people start running the nodes the network will be hard to stop. Because anyone can easily start their sub node the network should always be up and running. Its like torrent sharing, as long as some people seed it, it will always work. In my eyes it looks doable and could bring internet censorship down. (Invested)

Skycoin looks like a joke to me. They are literally trying to build a whole new internet infrastructure using satellites. That’s a huge step to take and for sure it won’t be cheap at all. I just don’t see it. The probability in my mind of them making this a reality is very slim. If anything it would be a very long term project. (Not Invested, Traded once because of Hype)

Didn’t know what Elastos is but I found this: “Elastos is a blockchain powered internet in which you have complete control of your digital assets. As a creator, this includes your books, movies, games, etc.” By reading this I already feel it wants to make a whole new way the internet works. They seem to think that Ethereum won’t scale and thus are working on their own blockchain. (Not Invested)

Holochain is more focused one being a dapp platform, and is more likely a competitor to other smart contract blockchains such as ETH, EOS, NEO, etc. It has a quite a different approach in a way it works. I believe Ivan has made a video about this topic.

MaidSafe and Unibright never heard of.

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Thank you so much for your opinion. Yes both Elastos and Skycoin are very ambitious and it could take years to adopt their vision.

Wow, I didnt hear about decentralized web before. It’s really very exciting