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I’d like to introduce an open source privacy coin DeepOnion. I’ve been involved in the community since it started off three years ago - I found out about it in BitcoinTalk forum, a few months after my first investment into BTC.

So they started off with 40 weekly airdrops, all existing btct users were able to participate and be part of the airdrops as long as they followed some simple rules (make quality posts with their signature).
So the amount of ONION you were holding was also included in calculating the next airdrop size. This created some crazy low supply during the bullrun and the price skyrocketed to around 20$ / ONION.
At some point during the Airdrop period I owned some crazy amount of money ~ 200 000$.

A rookie like me, greedy as I was, ofcourse I didn’t sell anything at that time, I didnt even sell at 1$ / ONION. Instead I decided, whatever happens, even if the project fails miserably and I dont make any money off of it in the end, I wont sell my ONION before I see a new ATH.

So I’ve been staking, taking part of some giveaways and doing some rewarded tasks for the project, because I like the project, for what it has teached me. It gave my some amazing ideas. It showed me the light of crypto.
Thanks to being part of the airdrops and the community, I became aware of how cryptocurrencies can bring together communities. How we can use crypto to work together on tasks that benefit everyone involved, at the same time being transparent and accessible to everyone as well.

So this thread is just an introduction and my experience with DeepOnion. Because I have some crypto projects in mind, that I would like to execute, and I would also like to include DeepOnion in these projects if possible. So there will be another thread in an appropriate location for that in the future.

So if you are interested feel free to read up about DeepOnion at

/ They are also inviting new developers to join the team. So if anyone is keen, hit them up in the forum!

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Sounds interesting, more privacy, I like that.
I’m learning to become a developer, I’ll get back to you when my coding skills improve :upside_down_face:

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