DeFi 101 - video problems

Hi guys,

I hope y’all doing great.
I am currently doing the DeFi 101 course, however I am having huge problems with the video.
It always gets stuck. I re-fresh the page but it doesn’t help. I also tried to use a different browser or to lower the resolution but nothing helps. It’s really annoying. Only happens in this course so far.
Anyone else had similar issues?

Thanks in advance!



Hi @Adrian, hope you are well.

Could you please tell me which lesson is giving you this issue?
Also which browser have you tried?

Carlos Z.

Hi @thecil

Thanks a lot for getting back to me.
It’s actually been like that throughout the whole ‘What is DeFi’ category (which I just finished).
I tried with Chrome and Brave. I am using a MacBook Air 2020 (M1).


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We are aware that there is a uncommon issue with chromium browsers (brave and chrome), some times the videos or the academy site goes buggy with them.

I advice you to try with other browsers such as vivaldi, opera or firefox when you are facing that issue again, it could happen time to time but is very rare that happens.

Carlos Z

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