DeFi Crowdfunding

Hi, I want to use a crowdfunding platform. While doing the DeFi 101 course it occurred to me that I could do it with a crypto DeFi platform. Does anyone know of one to recommend?
Btw, I’m loving this and all the other courses I’m doing at the academy! Non-Stop Learning (N-SL :wink:

hey Bivan, i think pancakeswap and avax are good to check .)

Thanks for your advice. I’ll check into it. Have you done crowdfunding there?

nah never did that, is better you invest long term in a project coin on binance.)

So, are there fundamentals behind your suggestions? There are so many projects to look at. Each has some things similar and others really different. I was looking at one using the MakerDao protocol. Maybe a good option. The deal is that I have a project in the “real world” and was planning to use one of the typical platforms. I just got the idea for crypto crowdfunding while following Amadeo’s DeFi 101 course

I know this project where people are investing is called woonkly and is very new is on testnet still, they use binance smartchain because they want to be able to swap erc20 to any coin on binance, they have a token, woop/pancake. i hope it can help as an example

You can check HELIUM web site, is very interesting.