DEFI Meta Mask Lesson - Goerli Eth and

After installing Metal Mask I went to the Goerli Authenticated Faucet ( and had 35 Goerli Eth send to my MetaMask Addess 0x3276F547a62E4d8A196e7e0FA5543DE0cdE1f964 of which, I was able to verify the Tx on Etherscan. Here is what’s interesting. After linking my Meta Mask wallet to the site. It would no longer operate. The GUI went blank except for the blue background. Refreshing would momentarily display the dice games for a flash, and then back to solid blue background. Only by deleting the Meta Mask Wallet was I able to get the site to display correctly. I reloaded the wallet using the seed phrase and I still retain the 35 Eth on the Goerli network, but I haven’t yet relinked the wallet to My question is since the Goerli Eth are only for the test network, was a security protocol preventing me for accessing the site. In the future if I hold both “real” Eth on the Ethereum Network and “Goerli” Eth on the Goerli Network in the wallet, will the website operate correctly?