DEFI project opportunity

Hi everyone,

Let me introduce the project.

I’m actively developing the following platform which is basically a platform to help users being profitable in crypto trading. Currently, the checkouts, subscriptions, and payments are processed by Bitcoin. But the more I think about the developments in the DEFI space the more it makes sense to refactor this platform to be a DEFI project.

I’m thinking of creating a token for the platform to incentivize all the personas (ie the traders, community, and data scientists) of the platform, the problem is that I’m not experienced enough in this industry. So I’m looking for help and also to build and involve the community in this project to build a project by the community for the community.

I’m eager to meet you and everyone is welcome.

Could you be more specific about what specifically your project provides to users?


The platform offers fully automated trading algorithms which are profitable and has a great track record. These trading algorithms behind the scenes uses advanced mathematical models to automate every aspect of a trade and risk management of the user’s position/portfolio.

To use these trading algorithms users, need to have an active monthly subscription.

One of the things that I was looking to leverage with a token is incentive data scientists to train models and we would pick and use the most reliable ones to create new and more powerful trading models.

This is just rough draft, but you can have an idea.