Delete git repository

@thecil @zsolt-nagy

I would like to delete git repository from my computer. I kept messing things up, so would like to start over.


In the unlikely case you see a folder called .git, then delete it. Then move all your files and folders to a new folder and start with git init.

Hi Zsolt,

I will try downloading the Total Commander that you mention and delete it that way. It is a hidden file, so I don’t think I will find it otherwise.

One other question. I noticed that in your terminal, your folders are directly on the C drive i.e. C: webdev/coin_exchange or C: webdev/git_tutorial.

Mine is C:\Users\jsale\coin_exchange. When I did the original download - the gitforwindows - that was the directory path it was installed to. Is that going to work ok or do I need to move the installed folders so it is a more direct path?

I just ask because I am trying to follow things exactly how you are demonstrating but it doesn’t always work out the same.


gitforwindows emulates how Linux works, but on Windows. So it uses the /c/Users/jsale … format.

In other terminals, like yours, you have c:\Users\jsale.

The two paths correspond to each other. Do your best to understand the relationship between the two terminals and not just follow the steps exactly.

Ok, will do. Thanks.

I have a question regarding the bootstrap resume and github.

I cannot get mine to go live when I click on the gh-pages branch, perhaps I missed something. I don’t know. Can you help me with this?

I completed the push command, but it is not linked for some reason.

Proof that your code is working:

There is nothing wrong in the screenshot you attached.

GitHub Pages default hosting by renaming the repo to is not working for React, so please name your repository differently. I’d suggest restarting the exercise with a fresh repository on git and github and then following the steps in the video.