Dentacoin - the first dental cryptocurrency?

Hello there, i have found out a new crypto,, but since i am very very green to the whole crypto topic, please help me, are they good for investment? it says that they are the first for the dental industry. please help, thank you!

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It seems to me that although everything becoming tokenized in the future (such as your local cafe having their own token) is definitely a possibilty, it’s likely too early right now. So be careful with all these ICOs, and ask yourself: does it make sense for this ICO to exist right now? Also note that their whitepaper is currently in draft. The way they want their coin to operate is by using it to reward patients who review their dentist and even work as a way to pay your dental treatment. They go on to say that it could also be used by dentists themselves to pay employees who’ve done good work and suppliers for fast easy transactions. This last part seems a bit too much; why would a supplier accept payment in something mainly usable on a single service? Moving on, they plan to tackle many other problems such as aftercare of the patient through a mobile app and lack of education about dental care through an educational website in which you can also earn dentacoins by learning. Furthermore, they want to implement dental insurance through smart contracts and a healthcare database on a blockchain. They also promise to, and I quote “Once a year, the Dentacoin Foundation will buy back DCN with 50% of all profits gained throughout the last financial year” under the Indirect profit sharing section. Now this alone makes the value of the DCN token highly dependant on the Dentacoin Foundation, a centralized organization. I did not read the whole whitepaper but my general impression leaves me with doubts on the actual usefulness of this __ right now__. I believe it’s too early for something so specific to be helpful, considering that most people have barely even heard of cryptocurrencies. You can’t expect this project to work in the short term. Anyone else have a different opinon? TL;DR: They seem to be tackling many problems that are bigger than the dental industry sector, it’s too early for a token so specific and the value of their token will depend heavily on how Dentacoin Foundation profits.


I’m a healthcare provider in the dental field. It seems Dentacoin’s projects are too numerous and vast to become a working reality. The only project that seems worthwhile on the blockchain is their dental insurance product, something that can benefit from a decentralized workspace. However, as mentioned by the previous poster, it looks to be centralized through a foundation. And, a dental insurance product does not work on an individual to dentist level. Only when an insurance company can sign on a large group do patients get more dentistry than the amount of premiums they pay in. This works because half the people covered on a group insurance plan never go to the dentist. Some of the premiums collected by those who don’t go to the dentist are paid out to those who do go. To be a profitable business, insurance companies need to collect more in premiums than they pay out in benefits. This won’t work with an individual policy. Add to that the extremely high number of coins that will eventually be available and I’m a bit hesitant.


You both placed very specific explanations, thank you for that, and for the fast answers! Appreciate your help :slight_smile:


Ivan could you please let me know your opinion as well i really see potential in their idea as a whole