Deploying a dapp for a client


I’ve been a freelancer for years, I’m wondering how could I deploy a dapp for a client, if to deploy a dapp, you need the private key of the wallet owner. How would you go about this to make a dapp, but you as a dev are not the owner of it, it is the client. I cannot ask for his private key of course, even if they trusted me blindly, you should not send a private key via email.

Any ideas? Thanks!


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Hi @pmk

You can deploy the contract yourself then change the ownership of the contract. You just have to ask your client his public address and implement this kind of function in your contract.

     * @dev Change owner
     * @param newOwner address of new owner
    function changeOwner(address newOwner) public isOwner {
        emit OwnerSet(owner, newOwner);
        owner = newOwner;