Development Environment for React

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I’m so impressed with this course so far. The lessons on productivity tools where Zsolt goes over adding VS Code extensions for code snippets are so good. It’s these kind of extra touches that add so much value to the course. :heart_eyes:


Thanks for your feedback, @mayjer.

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I am finally understanding something :rofl:

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This course was the best decision I ever made!


by far - one of the best hands-on courses i saw… so detailed… and it really led you by the hand… thanks @zsolt-nagy!


Thank you for your feedback. Please don’t hold yourself back when it comes to experimenting, because leaving your comfort zone means more rapid growth. It feels easier when you follow a paved road. Getting stuck and googling things that are not in the course an inevitable component of growth. As you advance, these issues will inevitably pop up.


i’m loving this course it is very very clear explanation and cool to see javascript working with html and really make something very excited for what’s coming.