DGX and Phemex GOLD - what are the pros and cons?

DGX and Phemex GOLD, what are the pros and cons in having these in your portfolio?

I’ve got a few DGX but was a pain to buy…why was that? I think it was a supply issue but I am so green to trading I am not certain.

It looks like Phemex GOLD is a trading pair with USD. Is it only sold in USD? why is that? I am a Euro only person, perhaps due to ignorance but that is how I just feel most secure as I believe that it will hyperinflate but only following USD.

Is the Phemex-gold real gold or a paper claim?

General comments on how to hedge in crypto gold appreciated.

I apologize if this is in the course, I haven’t taken it yet as I am still in Bitcoin101 but tick tock, the portfolio must be hedged and balanced so it can’t wait for my progression to the course

Don’t know if this might be helpful to you.