Dialysis Nurse from Memphis

Hey y’all. I’m Maureen from Memphis. Unlike most I’ve been in the thick of the pandemic since it started. I work as a dialysis nurse in a hospital here and the kidneys are usually the first to get seriously hit when a patient gets a really bad case of covid. I’m the one who sits in the room with the patient for about four hours mask, gown, hat, gloves, and shoe covers. I sweat like no one’s business. LOL. Stinky.
It’s been tough but I’m glad I’m able to do it. It’s heartbreaking to watch patients alone with just the hospital staff to watch them survive or die. Very heat breaking.
I was really into politics most of the year, but thankfully found this rabbit hole to go down. It’s become a great way to get positive about the future. I’ve worked as a nurse for 27 years and I have little to show for it. So I hope to make up for list time and build some real wealth.
Ivan, I love your passion and the fact that you turned it into this academy for anyone to join says a lot about how you care about us common folk and how you want us to succeed.
I can’t work as a bedside nurse forever. I hope this plan will help me get to a retirement.
Thank you so much!!!


Thank you for doing this work! I highly understand where you are coming from and wish you will succeed and find your space in the crypto industry and transition to full-time crypto. Welcome to the Academy :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for the encouragement!

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Well done Maureen. Keep pushing… a new world is on front of you !