Difference between wallet and smart contract

hey team, in ethereum programming 101 we built a wallet. In ethereum 201 we we introduced to openzeppelin utilities like isContract etc. Im confused as to the difference of a wallet and smart contract. Can someone make this difference clear?

Hi @Bdos87

Wallets and smart contracts are two very distinct concepts.
I strongly advise to complete the crypto for beginners course before the coding ones: https://academy.ivanontech.com/products/crypto-for-beginners

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i know the difference as a concept and i have finished the beginner courses. I just want to know the difference from a coding perspective?

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What do you exacty mean from the coding perspective? that the logic of each is different? i think it is, just think about it for a moment, what does wallets software does? what is the porpuse for a smart contract? If you have finished by now the beginners crypto course and some programming courses you should knew that by now, wallets are software to manage funds through a user and its priv key, smart contracts are a set of instructions to manage funds based on the instructions you design on it. Wallets require a user to manage the funds, smart contracts can manage them by themselves (based on the logic of it).

Carlos Z

Thanks Carlos, I think I was just a little confused because of the multisig wallet we developed in solidity 101. Which if Iā€™m correct, by your definition is a smart contract. Right?

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