Does anyone have experience with Orchid (OXT) VPN?

I have been looking for a VPN solution and a YouTube Vlogger recommended Orchid VPN as a project to lookout for, due to its low market cap and high availability on many exchanges. Its coin (OXT) is currently ranked 391 in CoinMarketCap with a circulating supply of around 66 million OXT. So this is a bit of 2 pronged question.
Does anyone use this VPN and can recommend it (or not)?
And secondly does anyone think this looks like a good investment opportunity?

I think this new and different concept is great in the djungle of vpn services, and I used Orchid just breifly a few month ago. My experience was that the app was a bit buggy and topping up the funds was not straight forward and complicated imo. The reason I don’t use it today is that my phone only allows one vpn active at one time and I want NetGuard active at all times, controlling which apps get access to internet, and also controlling the file hosts.txt which imo gives me more privacy, and it is free.

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Thanks for the response, I guess my third question would be, if not Orchid can anyone recommend a good (possibly free) VPN solution for Window 10? Netguard looks good for phone, but I already use AVG on my PC, so looking for a VPN in addition to that, or I could get rid of AVG if anyone has any better suggestions…