Dogecoin ( from a point of view of a life long fan )

Hi guys. There’s much buzz about Dogecoin these days ( due to Tiktok community ). Before you dismiss this post, I would like to expplain why I’m still a huge fan ( and a user ) of Dogecoin. It has helped me to cash out MOST of my gains in the winter of 2017.

  1. DOGE is simple, elegant and it’s dirt cheap to use and to send transactions with. I LOVE the price stability it had over the past 2 years of the brutal bear market.

  2. Even without developers the whole system works buttery smooth. Transactions are being sent and received without hickups.

  3. The community is AMAZING! I never had the pleasure of meeting such a nice and helpful community of Shibes, as in DOGE. They helped me to get set up in crypto back in 2014. They even do charities.

  4. DOGE is so rediculous and funny that it flies under all the radars of the regulators. I used DOGE all the time to cash out my crypto gains without any hickup.

In conclusion, the tiktok hype will pass and DOGE will live on. I encourrage you not to dismiss it due to its funny and immature nature ( all of us in crypto are a bit immature ), but to actually use it for small transactions and even for educating new people about crypto. My mom, dad, sister and many friends were FIRST working with Dogecoin before even setting foot into Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins. It’s very important learning step. Love to hear your oppinion on this. Thanks!

I think the concept is absolutely hilarious, and yes, I bought into this recent pump, lol!

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It is man! But underneath all that fuzzy and funny exterior hides a pretty damn capable cryptocurrency that’s actually being used as it was intended by our lord and savious Satoshi himself


dogecoin was my first coin it look like fun haha made money on it 2 times, and i know nothing, i lost money on all my stocks tells you easy money with cute coin …

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