Dr chetty New comer

Hi Everyone. Good morning and greetings from sunny Queensland, Australia. I am Vijaya. I am a medical practitioner. Met with an accident so resting at home. Thought I will generate some income while at home.

I enrolled myself in the crypto Basics.
I finished the course.

I opened the account with Binance.com
Now I also found altcoins on Binance: YFI / ONE/ HARD as recommended on the report of 4/12/20– could not find POLLS.

Now when I look at each of these altcoins – there is a symbol next to it like YFI/USD and a few of them too. How do I know which one is IVAN referring to, so I can make a selection to purchase? Can someone please guide me? PERHAPS WHO HA SREAD ALTCOINS REPORT


Please advice. Thank you. Have a blessed Christmas and hopefully a very successful 2021. A big WOH to cryptos.

Dr. Chetty