Early bird gets the worm

Hey Team,

I’m pursuing potential opportunities for going full time in crypto.

I’m applying for an altcoin researcher position at the moment and looking for quality new projects to add to a launchpad. This means that the projects I’m looking for need to be pre-launch.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find a website or forum to quality up and coming projects that haven’t officially launched their token?

This topic could also open up further opportunities for others as there is a massive need right now for community managers (social admins and moderator) for new projects.
By opening up the convo here we could potentially help each other gain exposure to new employment and investment oppotunities.

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Yes, I am interested in putting a team together to develop a DEFI Options platform; but, I am still a bit away from the developing this and need to learn so much more about the DEFI space first. I think it makes sense to release a coin on whatever platform you create though because it seems like everyone loves collecting things, even worthless shitcoins created out of thin air. LOL! Let me know if you come across anything interesting and need someone to contribute.

Hey Dean
Here are a few links that might help. It is not exactly what you are looking for but it is the best I have found so far.


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Thanks @Demosthenes,
Yea not specifically what I’m looking for but great sources of information worth following none the less. Much appreciated :smiley:


Sounds like a good vision there @CanadaWhite
I’m not so much looking to build anything myself at this stage, but I like what you’re saying.
I think you might be interested in a new high potential project that I’ve found
This sort of aligns with your interest, and is a very new project currently looking into team expansion.
Have a look. There might be an opportunity there for you if you get in contact with them.


Thanks mate! The seems really interesting and well thought out. Will most definitely contact them re: team expansion and what they may be looking for. Appreciate it man. Thx!

CanadaWhite :point_up:

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